O2 analyser
table for production

Table O2 analyser for agroalimentary packaging (O2 zirconia option)

Intensive use for production or table environment

VIGAZ offers O2 analysers (oxygen) , table device for Intensive use for production or table environment.

Their electronic powerful and simple with graphic display enables them to carry out measurements almost in automatic, with two types of O2 sensors :

  • economic sensor
  • sensor with very fast response time (zirconia)

Zirconia O2 analyser - Canal100-II

MAP O2 analyser CANAL100 II

  • Operated table and mains-operated analysers.
  • They are provided out of standard with an electrochemical O2 sensor.
  • In option, their O2 zirconia sensors enable you to carry out measurements with a response time of approximately 2 seconds. Moreover, one low volume of gas is enough to make a good detection.

Download the PDF technical leaflet - O2 analyser with O2 zirconia - CANAL100 II
Zirconia O2 analyser - Canal100-II

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Benchtop analyzer measuring residual O2 for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) or other inerting, for laboratory


  • O2 sensor lifetime < 4 years in air
  • Scale from 0 to 100% O2, resolution 0.01%
  • 5 second response time
  • Power supply 110 – 230 V
  • Operating temperature from 0 to 40°C
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