O2 analysers
reliables and efficients

O2 analyser

Whatever your need for O2 analysis, you will find the right one in the two ranges of analysers produced by Vigaz, for occasional measurements or more intensive use.

  • MAP portable O2 analyser, CANAL111

    Portable O2 analyser
    occasional use - Canal111

  • O2 analyser for production environments - BOX100,mains-operated

    Analyseur portable O2
    usage intensif - BOX100
    sur secteur

  • Analyseur MAP O2 pour production BOX100-b, sur batterie

    Analyseur portable O2
    usage intensif - BOX100-b
    sur batterie

  • Data storage analyser - BOX100-USB/120-USB

    Analyseur d'O2 port USB
    usage intensif

  • Zirconia O2 CO2 analyser - Canal-II

    Analyseur Oxygène de table
    usage intensif - rapide

Use an O2 analyzer to analyze the residual oxygen of your MAP food packaging

VIGAZ has designed a complete range of O2 analysers allowing to carry out specific tests in agroalimentary packaging (MAP) and allowing to meet your needs.

Find out the O2 oxygen analyzer that meets your needs among the entire Vigaz range

  • Economic range: for occasional measurements in laboratory, for small production or asepsis of works of art : Case operated portable O2 analyser

  • Professional range: for intensive measurements in laboratory or directly on production line, find out our full range of O2 analysers:
    • with digital display
    • with USB connection to store data
    • with sensor and response time very fast

  • CANAL 111 II
    Portable, compact
    Occasional use O2 analysis
  • BOX100/100-b
    Waterproof case
    O2 analyser intensive use
    Pro range
  • BOX120-USB
    USB connection
    O2 analyser intensive use
    Pro range
  • CANAL 100 II
    Continuous gas analyser
    Rapid measurement
    O2 analyser intensive use
    Pro range

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Analyzers measuring residual O2 in all types of food packaging (MAP). The adjustable pumping system makes it possible to test flexible and semi-rigid pouches, thermoformed trays, cans, etc.


  • Long life O2 sensor
  • Scale from 0 to 100% O2
  • 5-10 second response time
  • 110, 230V or battery power supply

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