O2 or CO2 atmosphere detectors
for the safety of your team

Atmosphere O2 or CO2 detectors

  • Wall-mounted CO2 detector OXYTEST

    Wall-mounted O2 detector OXYTEST

  • Wall-mounted CO2 detector DIOXYTEST

    Wall-mounted CO2 detector DIOXYTEST

  • Portable O2 CO2 detector CANAL01/02

    Portable O2 CO2 detector CANAL01/02

VIGAZ manufactures a range of O2 detectors and CO2 detectors that allow you to detect a gas leak in a closed area. These detectors can be fixed with retransmission of alarms by relay or portable that can be worn on the belt.

These equipments with alarms, internal buzzer and indicator lights are essential in rooms where there are gas cylinders to store, where some devices work with liquid nitrogen... They display in real time the state of breathability of the air by controlling O2 or CO2. Therefore, your staff will be able to work in this risk area in complete safety.

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Short description of CO2 detector Dioxytest

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