O2 CO2 analyser
portable for occasional-use

Portable CO2 O2 analyser for agroalimentary packaging (MAP)

Occasional use for small production

VIGAZ proposes a model of O2/CO2 analyser for an occasional use for small production:

Portable gas analyser CANAL 121 III

Portable O2+CO2 analyser CANAL121 III

  • Portable and compact O2/CO2 analyser. The gas sampling is done with a suction pump. Easy to use, it allows to take quick and mobile measurements.
  • The device switches off automatically after use to save battery power.
  • The analyser is charging directly by positioning it on its base.

Download the technical leaflet about the O2 CO2 analyser - CANAL 121
O2 and CO2 analyser, portable, Canal121

Portable O2 CO2 analyser - Canal121 VIDEO

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