O2 CO2 analysers
portables for production or table environment

Portable O2 CO2 analyser for agroalimentary packaging (MAP)

Intensive use for production or table environment

VIGAZ developed for your needs two models of analysers for an intensive use in medium of production or laboratory:

Analyser for production - BOX120
O2 CO2 analyser for production environment - BOX120-b

O2 CO2 analyser - BOX120 / 120-b

  • Mains (BOX120) or rechargeable battery-operated (BOX120-b) portable analysers. They come in a waterproof, strong and easy to carry case. They are perfectly appropriate to cold temperature, humidity‚Ķ
  • Their electronic powerful with graphic display enables them to carry out measurements almost in automatic.

Download the technical leaflet about the BOX120 O2 CO2 analyser
technical leaflet, Box120 case operated portable O2 CO2 analyser

Download the technical leaflet about the O2 CO2 analyser - BOX120-b
technical leaflet, Box120-b case operated O2 CO2 analyser

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