O2 CO2 analyser
O2 CO2 gas detector - continuous testing analyser

A quality service!

In order to avoid too frequent repairs, VIGAZ uses long life O2 CO2 sensors in all its models:

  • Electrochemical O2 sensor with about 4 years lifetime in air
  • Infrared CO2 sensor with unlimited lifetime

VIGAZ quality means being able to provide you with a perfect after-sales service:

  • One contact for the follow-up of your order
  • An efficient and fast after-sales service covering in just a few days: the repair, the overhaul and the calibration of all the analysers you own
  • Maintenance covering the revision and the calibration of your analyzers all brands confused in less than 48 hours with reception of equipment
  • Possibility to recover O2 or O2+CO2 analyser during the downtime of your equipment in order to avoid days without measurement

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