Medical gaz analysers
Hospital environment

Medical gas analyser

VIGAZ proposes portables analyzers for medical gasses to control the medical catches in the hospitals.

These analysers function on battery and allow to realize the mechanical control of the catches located in the rooms, the measurement of the nature of gas (O2, air, N2O etc…) and the measurement of pressure (vacuum to +10 Bar for model 121) .

O2/CO2 medical gas analyser Hopitest121 III O2+P

O2/CO2 + Pressure medical gas analyser Hopitest121 III

  • Compact and light analyser
  • Economic analyser with rechargeable battery power supply
  • The device switches off automatically after use to save battery power
  • Reduced maintenance : O2 sensor with long life, calibration from time to time in the ambient air
  • In option : CO2 measurement by an infrared sensor

Download the technical leaflet about the O2 + P medical gas analyser Hopitest121 III / O2+P
O2 medical gas analyser Hopitest121 O2+P

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 CO2 O2 gas detectors to control the ambient air

O2 or CO2 O2 atmosphere detector

These O2 CO2 detectors fixed or portables enable you to control the ambient air in a room where are stored bottles of gas and to go off alarms to prevent of a possible leak.

The realizable maintenance by your engineering department is reduced thanks to sensors having a long lifespan (O2 5 years in air, CO2 15 years).

More information about the atmosphere O2/CO2 ou O2 detectors

Continuously operating O2 CO2 analyzers for gas networks

Continuously operating O2 CO2 analyzers for gas networks

These analysers allow to measure uninterrupted the quality of gas in the network of the hospital or to measure the gas mixture.

They have alarms with relay and are provided with a pump of aspiration (measurement of a gas with atmospheric pressure) or with a pressure reducer (measurement of a gas under pressure).

More information about the continuously operating O2 CO2 analysers

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