Atmosphere O2 detector
for the safety of your team

Atmosphere O2 detector

To inform you about any escape of gas in the air that is dangerous for breathing, VIGAZ offers O2 atmosphere detectors for the safety of your staff which will warn you of any O2 decrease.

Wall-mounted CO2 detector OXYTEST

Atmosphere O2 detector OXYTEST

  • Continuously operating wall-mounted O2 detector
  • The device has 2 alarms which go off if the oxygen level is incorrect. Each alarm has a cut relay to enable you to drive external devices (ventilators, sirens, visual flash…)
  • Possibility to have the sensor integrated into the case or connected by cable

Download the technical leaflet about the OXYTEST atmosphere O2 detector
O2 gas detector Oxytest

Portable O2 detector CANAL01

O2 pocket atmosphere detector CANAL01

  • Very compact O2 detector that can be attached to the belt
  • Pocket O2 CO2 atmosphere detector CANAL01
  • Operating with battery
  • Digital display on the top of the device

Download the technical leaflet about the pocket analyser CANAL01 O2 atmosphere detector
O2 gas detector Canal01

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