O2 CO2 analyser
O2 CO2 gas detector - continuous testing analyser

  • Analyse of modified atmosphere packaging and accessories

    Analyse of modified atmosphere packaging and accessories

  • O2 CO2 analysers

    O2 CO2 analysers

  • Continuous testing O2 CO2 analysers

    Continuous testing O2 CO2 analysers

  • O2 CO2 gas detectors

    O2 CO2 gas detectors

VIGAZ is French manufacturer of gas analysers and gas detectors. We work directly with all our customers in Europe, and offer a 48-72 hour delivery service by carrier.

Gas Analysers CO2 O2 for agroalimentary packaging conditioned under modified atmosphere (MAP)

Gas detection CO2 O2
for the respirability of the air

Are you looking for a simple of use and economic gas analyser for your quality controls?

Do you have a risk of gas leak in your environment?

With more than 20 years of experience, VIGAZ comes to conceive a new generation of O2 and CO2 analysers enabling you to meet your needs. These gas analysers offer a convivial menu of adjustments, times of measurements fast, a simple electronics limiting the risk of breakdown.

Discover our range ( portable analysers , of table , out of bag , with USB plug…) and determine your choice with the comparative tables of VIGAZ gas analysers.

VIGAZ provides also a quick and quality customer service.

VIGAZ designed various portable or fixed O2 and CO2 detectors with alarms to prevent from a possible danger.

If you store CO2, argon, nitrogen bottles or if your equipment uses liquid nitrogen or carbonic gas , our detectors will enable you to control the ambient air of your room and inform you of a gas leak.

Learn more about CO2 O2 gas detectors to control the ambient air.

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